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I became deeply involved in our community from the moment we made Piedmont our home. My first organizing task involved 4th of July parade prep, decorating bikes and trikes with pre-schoolers in our Beach neighborhood. Like many folks, my volunteerism followed the trajectory of my children’s interests so I spent years serving on Parent Boards, Booster Boards, Budget Advisory Committees, with Boy Scouts, and providing leadership for a series of successful Parcel Tax campaigns to secure the funds our students require for a high-quality education. After two independent structural engineering reports identified school buildings that would likely pose life safety risks in the event of a major earthquake on the nearby Hayward fault, I co-chaired the 2006 Seismic Safety Campaign securing a $56M general obligation bond to upgrade Piedmont schools for current and

future generations. From 2007-2012, I served on the Piedmont Education Foundation board working to bridge the gap in school funding to ensure exemplary public education for every PUSD student. Between 2008-2014, as my 3 children advanced through football, baseball and volleyball, I spent 4 years on the PHS Boosters Board. In 2008, I began to embrace City issues when I was appointed to serve on the City’s Municipal Tax Review Committee. In the years that followed, I served on the Piedmont Recreation Facilities Organization (PRFO) and provided leadership on the 2012 City Parcel Tax campaign. I joined the Piedmont Sports Hall of Fame Board in 2015.  In 2017, I earned a seat on the Recreation Commission. With the help of a well-organized group of pickleball enthusiasts, our sub-committee on Tennis and Pickleball was able to establish home courts for a previously underserved group of senior athletes. While serving on the Recreation Commission and on the Civic Improvement Projects review committee, I attended presentations, community conversations and studied the infrastructure needs of our town. Years of deferred maintenance and coping with outdated facilities is untenable in light of the changing needs of our residents. It is time for important community conversations challenging us to define our vision of Piedmont for present and future generations, and to determine how we will act upon that shared vision. I have the skills, the experience, and the motivation to lead Piedmont now, with an eye toward a prosperous future.

Equality Meets Opportunity

How We Win.

Conna McCarthy

-For City Council-

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